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Category: Analysis


As the name goes ‘FinTech’, It is a blended form of Finance + Technology & It uses revolutionizing concepts in the financial industry. It encapsulates everything any company is trying to do with the technology within the financial domain. Technology is such a saviour for mankind or humanity, Whichever the topic be, just add technology into it, your job will be Done & Dusted in a way more convenient & easier way. “The major winners will be financial services companies that will embrace technology”, The quote that rightly serves justice to the hot topic ‘FinTech'.

The Imminent Coal Crisis of India

As India’s economy picked up after a deadly second wave of Covid-19, demand for power rose sharply. Power consumption in last two months alone jumped 17%, compared to the same period in 2019. 70% of the power is generated using coal, this is a major cause for concern as it threatens to derail India’s post-pandemic economic recovery. Checkout more about the Coal Crisis India has been facing in this article.

Equity Research Report of HUL

Hello Readers,This is my first equity research report. I made this on 07th September 2021. Please provide your reviews and opinions on this report. There is a lot to learn […]

Is India Ready For Green Energy?

India is the world's third-largest consumer of energy. Can India, with a population of over a billion people, truly transition into a country reliant only on renewable energy? This article examines the present state of India's energy industry and if it is truly ready to embrace green energy.

The Success Story of Zerodha

Zerodha went from being a bootstrapped startup to India's No.1 Discount Broker. This article narrates the success story of Zerodha in a simplified way.

Covid-19: The Effect on an Economy

IntroductionAs the world feared Covid-19 effect since December 2019, India has been on front foot in terms of predicting the impact of epidemic and protecting its citizens. Every precaution was […]