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Tag: Investing

Is India Ready For Green Energy?

India is the world's third-largest consumer of energy. Can India, with a population of over a billion people, truly transition into a country reliant only on renewable energy? This article examines the present state of India's energy industry and if it is truly ready to embrace green energy.

How To Invest In Gold With Minimum Investment?

The precious yellow metal, Gold, has been one of the favourites for Indian Families. Traditionally, Indians love to accumulate gold as it symbolizes cultural values and prosperity. It also establishes […]

The Art Of Investing

Don’t invest in share market. You will lose all your money. It’s like gambling. Avoid it. Basic Average Indian Household Mentality You might have heard a lot of statements like […]

Example of a Wealth Management Plan

This was prepared by me for a class project! Basic Details:Name: S S NaikProfession: Engineer (Non Finance)Age: 47 YearsMonthly Income: Rs 1,00,000 + 10% increment per yearAge of Retirement: 60 […]